A club must thoroughly think through a type of fundraiser in which they do. One must put into consideration the popularity of the location, the hours of the location, and also the date in which it is made. One must investigate this in order to make the most out of the fundraiser. This will help satisfy not only the organization in which the fundraiser is supporting, but also the location in which the fundraiser is held. This is due to the fact one should not waste a location’s time if no money is raised from the fundraiser. As a member of the American Heart Association, a Glee’s fundraiser was held over the past week. From the fundraiser, an unsatisfying amount was made. This can be due to the lack of advertising, but also for the reason that the location closes at 4 and was held on a school day. Often students do not have time to go in the morning, and with extracurricular it can become difficult to get to. For that reason, one must investigate in order to make a fundraiser successful.

Picture Taken By: Howard Lake (CC BY-SA 2.0)