From interesting and debatable topics, to entertaining memes and politicians, election time is an interesting time of year. With the two main candidates who had competed, both with countless supporters and haters, there had to be a single candidate to win. The loosing candidate, however, must understand that they are still within the country and support their beliefs. This can be connected and united to a school executive board or even simply a club or groups that is found on campus. With many people attempting to be on any group on campus’s executive board, this competition is found everywhere. However, with very few limited spots, there will be winners and looser. But the looser who do not make it still must support the school or club found on that campus. They will both still attend the school and attend the events in which the organization or group was involved with creating. Like how the loosing candidate in the election will still live within this country.

Picture Taken by: Bart

(CC BY-NC 2.0)