Just recently, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama held a farewell party within the White House. Celebrities such as John Legend, Nick Jonas, and much more attending, had explained their appreciation and enjoyment of the party on social medias after. It is a delight to see that President Obama and the First Lady had given opportunities like this to the small handful of people. With visits to the White House being so limited and difficult to make, it is likely much appreciated as well by the many who got to visit. This also makes me wonder if each celebrity actually met President Obama and how he had decided who to invite to the White House. This makes me want to investigate how it was determined, and also whether they got to meet the President, and if they got to roam within the whole building.

Picture Taken by: Frank Camp (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Information Given by: Time Magazine- Katie Reiley

President Obama’s Farewell Party Draws Dozens of Celebrities to White House