Martin Luther King Jr. is a federal holiday on the third January of every month. A hero to many we celebrate this day for his many accomplishments of peaceful protest as he changed the way we look at each other. He has taught us to not judge each other through his many campaigns and is a hero and an icon to many. But this federal holiday makes me wonder how this holiday was decided. It causes me to want to investigate why it is on the third January of every month. The holiday makes me wonder if this could of possibly been around the time he commenced his protests, or the month he was born, or maybe even the month he was assassinated. These can all be possible reasons for why Martin Luther King Jr. day is celebrated on this day. None the less, he had scarified his time and even his life to shape how our perspectives on people today, and while some may disagree with his believes, he will be a hero and an icon to many and he will be remembered for the rest of my lifetime as one through this holiday.

Picture taken by: Scott Abbleman (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)