The heavy rain here in Fountain Valley is a delight to see. With streets flooding, wind blowing, and harsh conditions, the heavy rain is making people go crazy. This heavy rain has even partially filled our nearby river bed which has not been seen for years. Some even speculate that this storm in which we are currently in may possibly end us of our drought. With that being said, Fountain Valley is not the only city affected by this heavy storm. But nearly all parts of California are being hit by this storm.This heavy rain has feared some of the people of Fountain Valley causing them to stay in from threats of harsh and dangerous driving conditions and mass flooding. In addition, even some students have proposed the idea of cancelling school for January 23rd, due to dangers of driving and arriving to school and dangers proposed at schools from the rain. But the day would have to be added to the summer, making it an idea that is less than likely. None the less, whether you like the rain or not, it is a delight for the residents of Fountain Valley and even California to see. Such a delight that it has thrill seekers of Huntington Beach and even Fountain Valley attempt to surf, body board, boogie board, or any sort of raft the large floods in which are being created from the floods.

Picture Taken by: Nishanth Sarma  (CC BY-NC 2.0)