In a recent article read in class, we discuss of one who has the luxury to spend money, but chooses not to. She explains how she does not want or need the nice and fancy cars in which their friends drives or the nice lavish lifestyle in which their friends surround themselves around, but is simply okay with living a normal average relaxed lifestyle. I feel that the article can be compared to the novel read in class, “The Great Gatsby”. The one discussed in the article gives me reminisce of the character Nick. Similar to the person discussed in the article, Nick is categorized in the middle class,  bourgeoisie, category and is surrounded by many luxurious things from his peers and friends within the story. For example, he is neighbors with Gatsby, who has a lavish and huge house right next to him. But like the one discussed in the article, both Nick and the one discussed are satisfied and content with the life they have without having to have the luxurious and lavish items like the many people they know have.

Picture Taken by: Lucas Fox Barcelona (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)