The cover art for the book, “The Great Gatsby”, made me speculate what it was all about. Generally, after being given a book, the cover art can say a lot about what the novel is about, but not this one. After receiving the book it made me speculate what it was about and how it connected to the novel. After reading the book and doing further research, I have found that the picture was drawn by a Spanish artist known as Francis Cugat. After being paid only 100 dollars, the piece of art was created. Many not knowing much of the artist, they have come to the conclusion or speculation that it was based off of the eyes of T. J. Eckleburg as he looked over the working people. It is said that the cover art  for the novel wasn’t created after the book was written, but was created as it was written. Thus, the artist, Cugat, was inspired to draw this according to the scene in the valley of ashes. Being as iconic as it is, I still speculate why T. J. Eckleburg’s eyes were chosen of all possible things.


Image From: USC