On Wednesday, February 1st, many schools participated in Global School Play Day. Peter Gray, a researcher in the study of play, discusses about the decline of creativity in students today. He discusses the benefits and necessity of play and talks about how over schooling is one of the main causes of this decline of creativity. For that reason many English teachers at Fountain Valley High School decided to participate in this global day. It was a delight to participate in, as it was nothing like I have ever done at school and was a nice break from the normal reading, analyzing, and writing in which we commonly do in English. Being able to go outside and play or staying inside and playing, there was something for everybody. From board games to outdoor activities such as throwing a ball around, it was clear that everybody enjoyed the day including myself. The activity in which I participated in was going outside and throwing around a football. It brought back much memories from my childhood. Not only at home, but back when I had recess in elementary and middle school I loved to throw around a football and run around in the grassy field. The day was such a pleasure and I would love to see more schools participate in this day in the future because I feel that it benefits students worldwide.


As I further investigated into this global day, I was able to discover that 283936 participants around the world have already signed up. This number is a delight and pleasure to see for the reason that so many students are able to take this time away from the normal class and instead play in order to release their mind temporarily from all the stress that is faced and to simply enjoy themselves in order to express their creativity.