February 5, 2017 is the date in which Super Bowl 51 was played. The New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons and was a matchup in which everybody was looking forward to. Whether it be for the love of the game, for the commercials, or just for the atmosphere,  it was a game in which millions will be tuning into. The game starting at promptly 5:45, the game went to about 7:30 with an unexpected ending. The score was 28-9 in favor of the Falcons and many thought the game was slowly getting out of reach for the Patriots. But Tom Brady and his crew did not loose any hope. With the start of the fourth quarter and Tom Brady passing complete passes play after play they had brought the game to 20-28. With time slowly winding down, if they did not score in this possession the game would have been sealed. But Tom Brady did not fear this as he made pass after pass. Finding himself 10 yards from the end zone, with time slowly coming down, him and his patriots decide to run the ball to bring the game within 2. Forced to go for the two point conversion in order to tie the game, Tom Brady is able to make a quick pass to his receiver where the two point conversion is a success forcing the game into overtime. After winning the coin, the New England Patriots are able to successful run play after play to score. It was a pleasure seeing this comeback from the New England team in this sudden death over time. After watching the game, it did make me curious why football makes their overtime sudden death, but none the less, the game was an excitement to watch.

Picture Taken by: Texas.713(CC BY-NC 2.0)