After countless squid posts, I can conclude that I have written most about the things in which I delight. From Global Play day, all the way up to my first blog post about Disneyland and how it is my favorite place, I have discovered that I write the most about the things which I delight because it is the easiest for me to write about. Another thing in which I saw myself write a lot about are things which I feel the need to investigate. This could possibly be because I am always curious in figuring stuff out and discovering new things. This curiosity to investigate can also connect with the things I delight. This is because if I was not delighted about the thing, then it is more than likely that I would not care to investigate it further.  Some patterns I have noticed is that, I often times write about something I delight at least once a week. Topics that I see myself constantly returning to are things that are currently happening in the news in today’s current events. For example, I have written about the Superbowl and even the weather forecast. It is likely the easiest for me to write about because it had just happened and has a plethora of information to write about. In addition, another things which I see myself constantly writing about are my personal belief and thoughts in things. For example, I have also written about my opinions on my favorite place, favorite things to do, and even some of my hobby’s. These are just a couple of the things in which I delight showing that is it easy for me to write about that are the things that I enjoy and that does not necessarily have to be going on currently in the world.

After recently writing about this blog post, I feel that it can be expanded on many ways.  First and more importantly, this blog post was about a world wide day of play. Known as Global Play Day, I had written about this day for the reason that I was very delighted from it. This blog post can be further expanded by not only talking about how it delighted me, but to further investigate the reasoning behind the day. After investigating further into the day and the reasoning for it, I can also investigate which schools are participating in this global day and to also discovery ways that can help influence other teachers and also schools to participate within this world wide day of play. After investigating further into these things, the post can also be expanded by investigating the beliefs of not only myself, but other students and how their thoughts on the day. An interview can be conducted and can be included by showing how it not only affected myself, but the other students around the campus who had taken part in this day. None the less, the day was such a pleasure to write about and expanding further into the idea will not be difficult for the reason that it constantly brings back memories of my childhood. This blog post was also focused on the things that I delight in help showing that I enjoy writing about things I delight the most about.  It can be expanded in many different ways and I look forward to expand on this blog post possibly in the future or another in which I am delighted by.

This post can also be connected to other posts in which I have written about. I had also written and made a post about Halloween.

Like many of the other posts, I had been delighted from this one as well. But this post can also be united and further discussed as well. I could have connected this post about Halloween and discuss how Disneyland changes throughout the seasons. An example of how Disneyland changes throughout the season is Halloween and how they add a giant Mickey Pumpkin at the center of main street at Disneyland. In addition, I could have further united this post with the Disneyland post by discussing how they add the trick or treating event in California Adventure specifically for the Halloween season. This is just a few examples of how Disneyland changes throughout the seasons, but is specifically an example for Halloween. Believe or not, Disneyland also changes for other seasons too, such as Christmas. This Halloween post could had also been part of investigate. The post could have been further investigated by researching the origins of Halloween and how the holiday came to be. It could have been investigated to see the reasoning on why we give out candy, and also dress up. The post could have also included more information on why I had delighted it. For example, I could have discussed how I enjoy watching the Halloween movies and specials that only air during this time of year.

Many of these blog posts in which I write about can all be united in some ways which I showed in this post. After doing this reflection, I have discovered that within my blog posts, I can be connecting them to other things in which I had written about. From writing about things which I delight to connecting them and uniting them to things I have written about previously, it had helped me realize and spark more ideas on things to write about in these blog posts. I had been able to unite many of my posts with each other and had also been delighted in doing so. It had not only made me reminisce the past and how my style of writing has changed, but showed the evolution of things which I write about has changed. But one thing which is for sure, is that I have and probably always will be writing about the things which I delight. It will likely always be the easiest things for me to write about because I enjoy talking about it so much.