After reading the article about the spelling of Donald Trump, along with a few other writers, I have been disgusted to read about the poorly worded and spelled tweets which he had made. Being the President of the United States and running this 69.4 billion dollar agency, he cannot be making these obvious and simple mistakes. It disgusts me to think that he makes this mistake when our generation of smart phones has a spelling check built into it. It also makes me want to investigate why he does not consider using the spelling check already built into the phone or even hire someone to simply proof read his tweets. The dilemmas that had arisen from these tweets could have all simply been stopped if he had just hired someone to proof read his tweet. This also disgusts me for the reason that it gives me fear. The article states that he is making common mistakes such as using the incorrect “to” or “too”. It makes me fear that this grammar rule, which is taught in elementary school and is also stressed in writing for the rest of one’s life, is not known by the one in charge of this 69.4 billion dollar agency. After only being president for a couple of months, I strongly despise the tweets he had made and how he had failed to use proper spelling and also look to investigate more on why he does not simply use the spelling check built in on his phone or even hire someone to do that for him. He does already have over 4,000 employees. It makes me want to investigate why just one of the 4,000 cannot be simply there to proof read his tweets.

This can also be connected to my own writing. Unlike Donald Trump, I often times look to proof read my essays for small spelling and grammatical mistakes. I look to do this to avoid any difficulty reading or misunderstanding that can possibly arise from misspelled words or incorrect grammar.

Picture Taken by David Vizzini (CC BY 2.0)