After recently spending class time going through and examining newspaper articles, I was very delighted to see the format and structure that is used in order to organize them. Putting the most interesting articles in the corners of the page help make finding them very easy. In addition, it was a delight to see writers use this pyramid style of writing in which the most important information is stated first and then details are used to back it up. This style can also be united to our own style of writing whenever we write a synthesis essay. Similar to how the most important information of the article goes first, our opinion must always go first and the sources must be used in order to back them up. Thus, making it a delight to read the multiple examples found in the newspaper to slightly help improve my own writing.

In addition, it was a delight to read about a specific article found in the O.C. Register that discussed about a change in the Starbucks menu. A handful of Starbucks location spread across Orange County is looking to add an affogado drink which is essentially an espresso ice cream float. I am delighted to see Starbucks trying new things, even after being a successful franchise for so long.