March Madness is right around the corner and it has sport fans going crazy and delights me very much. March Madness is a NCAA College Basketball tournament help every year in the month of march. Divided into regions, it is a tournament style, single elimination bracket. Many make brackets and compete with each other in order to see how accurate each others are. With many strong teams this year with future NBA draft lottery picks, this years tournament will be one full of excitement. Some notable teams this year being UCLA, Gonzaga, Kentucky and much more, sport fanatics will be tuning in all throughout the month of March. This exciting NCAA tournament has even inspired many all around the world. This is seen as high schools, such as Fountain Valley, host a March Madness tournament similar like the one in the NCAA where students pay in order to create teams to participate in this school wide tournament. Thus, making March Madness an exciting time of year for many. (March Madness Article on LA Time)

Picture Taken by: Lisa Nottingham (CC BY 2.0)