Recently, zines have been getting much popularity. A zine is a brief magazine written by individuals without any establishment. They are often times left at pop up shops, concerts, libraries, and many other places. These zines can be about anything that one can imagine. Some zine topics varying from political and social issues to fun ones about pizza and zebras. The creativity for zines are endless. After the explanation of zines offered in class, I was excited and delighted to begin creating my own for our class English project of social issues currently today. In addition, it had made me want to investigate more on zines. The article states of the uses of zines and how at times, people use zines to promote activist ideas. This had made me want to investigate more on the topic of zines and its uses where I had stumbled upon online libraries which offer online zines. None the less, zines are a creative thing that has recently been getting lots of popularity and continue will be getting. They’re a variety of zine festivals and clubs in which one can attend and zines are offered at many libraries around everybody so one should go out and check out the creativity found in them.


Zine Article:

Picture Taken by: Marcelline Smith (CC BY-NC 2.0)