LA Times have recently expressed Kobe Bryant’s thoughts on Shaquille O’Neal getting a memorial statue for the Lakers at the Staple Center. LA times had recently reported that Kobe Bryant wants to “thank him and acknowledge everything that he’s done for this organization and this city, but for [him] personally.” Similar to Kobe Bryant, I am also delighted to see Shaquille O’Neal receive a memorial statue. He had helped the city get the stardom that they have and bring the team of the Los Angeles Lakers the many championships which they have. In addition, after retiring, Shaquille O’ Neal had not gone many Lakers function, but to tell the world of his thoughts of this memorial he will. It is also a delight to see Shaquille O’Neal attend this service when he previously did not attend many of the former ones. I feel that he chose to do this because he did not end his career there and he may possibly not like the organization as much or is simply too busy. None the less, Shaquille O’Neal is receiving a memorial in front of the Staple Center and many are delighted to see him receiving this massive honor.

Picture Taken by: Bradley Park (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)