After completing, “The Grapes of Wrath” it made me want to investigate the meaning behind the title. As discussed in class the title was inspired from The Battle Hymn of the Republic. This made me want to investigate why this hymn inspired the title. The song discusses this plea to god in order to save them. This is also seen in the story as it discusses many desperate farmers that are helpless and need a figure like a god in order to save them. Steinbeck could have possibly seen the similarities between the two, thus wanting to name the title to similar things discussed in the hymn. In addition why the “grapes of wrath”. This could possibly be because California seemed like such a nice place to be for the Joads and many of the farmers, but when in reality it was not as easy as they expected. Nice California can be interpreted by the “grapes” and once realizing how difficult it was they are wrath.