Advanced Placement Testing (AP Test) has finally began for students in their 2016-2017 school year and the stress level on students have increased significantly. With all the stress that students are currently facing, I was sparked with an idea to reflect back upon a topic in which I had previously discussed. Earlier this year in the month of February, schools across the country participated in a Global School Play Day. After discussing of my opinions and idea on this day, I feel that it is the perfect time and opportunity to expand on it as students are spending countless nights stressing over all their AP Tests in which they take.

Due to the stress going on around in our atmosphere today, I wanted to look to expand and research deeper on how Global School Play Day got started, how the date for this specific day is chosen, and how we must continue to expand on the amount we play. On top of that, I was also inspired to expand on how the day delights me and how beneficial that I believe that the day is to me.


First and most importantly, Global School Play Day was started on February 4, 2015. As this annual event just got started, this day only had 65000 registered participants. However, as the years went on, currently over 283936 participants have registered for next years upcoming Global School Play Day set to be on February 7, 2018. To students, they are simply signing up for a day to play and hang out, but often times they do not know the reasoning behind it. Many play researches such as Peter Gray, John Cohn, and Charlie Hoehn preach of this idea of play and its purpose. As students are required to go to school 5 days of week for over 36 weeks with countless classes, students and children are often deprived of play. This impacts them to have a lack of creativity, less efficient work ethics, burnt out and exhausted mind, and much more. As seen on a TEDx Talk with Charlie Hoehn, he explains of today’s society and how life is simply about “chasing status, and money, and success.” This chase for success has impacted many adults, but it all starts in schools. Students often times take the most difficult and rigorous classes for this status and success, but when doing this they often neglect the idea of play and are forced to study for countless hours on end. As students are forced to study for hours on end, this causes a decreased amount of creativity and even a fatigued and drained brain causing less efficient work ethics. When students are given this opportunity to play at schools, it works as it recharges their minds of these stressful tests and is why it is so beneficial to them today.


This global days makes me question the day it was chosen due to all the stress that is currently going on today. The day is set in February year after year, but the average rate of suicide is most common during the Spring. Though the months of Spring are March, April, and May, will setting the day in the month before be most beneficial or sometime during. The day is perfectly set in order for people to be recharged during this stressful season, but it makes me question if they will possibly one day look to change the date to sometime actually during the Spring. Nonetheless, the day is very beneficial and must continue.

Though Global School Play Day is only for a single day, this should not limit the amount of times in which we play. Play should not be seen as a child’s activity or something that is not worth someone’s time, instead it should be seen as a time to recharge one’s brain. Whether that be spending some time with friends at a park, or simply just hanging out somewhere in public and catching up, everybody should take the time to play in order to help recharge the brain. This will not only recharge the brain, but make work more efficient as it will no longer be as drained. Great minds such as Mark Twain has even stated that “When we talk about the great workers of the world, we really mean the great players of the world.” In addition, Albert Einstein had even stated that “play is the highest form of research”. These creative geniuses even express the significance of play and the effects it has on one’s success. The stress seen during this week and experienced had motivated me to expand on this idea discussed previously and has inspired me to go play in order to have a playful attitude even if that is simply for only one hour.

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