A trend that has stormed people everywhere in today’s society is a small toy known as a fidget spinner. A fidget spinner is an object that uses ball bearings to rotate outer pieces that surround it. It is said that this helps stimulate focus and relaxation, but many disagree. Some believe it to be a useless toy, while others feel that it helps them focus. Whether you are for or against them, people all across the globe have been buying them and have been carrying them around with them wherever they go. They can be found popping up at local grocery stores and some even buy them online where they can reach prices of up to 80 dollars. This had me want to investigate deeper within these little toys. I had asked a friend of mine what was so great about them and they had simply replied saying that “their just a ton of fun and addicting to play with”. None the less fidget spinners are a unique toy that has taken the word by storm.

Picture Taken by: FidgetCircle (CC BY 2.0)