May 29, 2017 is the National Holiday known as Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a holiday in which all government ran organizations receives a day off. Schools being one of them. All students enjoying this day off are in desperate need of it because it is the final stretch to the end of the school year and many students are either loosing effort to continue or looking to raise a grade up last minute. Whether it be a last minute effort, or need for a break, the day it very helpful in taking a break off students mind during the last stretch of the school year. But do many students even know the meaning behind this National Holiday that they desperately need and enjoy. Memorial Day is a holiday that remembers the ones that died in our country armed force. We must commemorate all of these people and respect what they have done for our country. Memorial Day is a Federal holiday that should not be seen as just a day off for many, but instead seen respectfully for all of the ones that have died serving for our country giving up the patriotism in which we have today.


Picture Taken by: David Sykes  (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)