Throughout the year in my AP English Language Class, my writing has evolved tremendously through a variety of unique and diverse activities. My writing has changed as I had developed my own style when writing along with learning to incorporate all types of rhetorical devices and also reliable and informative sources. These strengths and qualities have been taught to me through reading novels such as “the Catcher in the Rye” and also “The Grapes of Wrath”.  My writing had also improved through other activities as well such as blogging squid posts and morphemes. After completing these activities, not only has my writing improved, but I had developed to wonder the purpose of words and writing and whether or not any issues can arise as they are passed to other people. Although the strength of my writing has expanded, their are still some flaws in which need to be improved. While my writing is not perfect, and by no means will it be anytime soon, the activities done in class has lead my knowledge and my writing in the “write” direction.

As a learner and writer of one within the AP English Language class, one of the activities in which helped me the most was reading and breaking down the book, “The Grapes of Wrath” written by John Steinbeck. The book demonstrates my learning by the style in which Steinbeck uses along with his countless amount of rhetorical devices. Once finishing the novel and breaking down the many chapters within the book, I had practiced writing an essay in which I explain Steinbeck’s style and choice of rhetorical devices and how it had helped him as a writer to help show me how I can incorporate it into my own.For example, Steinbeck had used a variety of metaphors, parallels, and also imagery in which creates a variety of tones of each section. From seeing how John Steinbeck had incorporated these techniques to create a variety of tones and moods to keep readers engaged, I am able to use the examples to integrate into my own style of writing. In addition, from writing the essay explaining of Steinbeck’s style, I had become a better reader as well as now I am more aware of pointing out and distinguishing all types of rhetorical devices and styles when reading.

Another practice and unique activity done toward the beginning of the year that has shaped my writing a great deal had been the morpheme assignments. These weekly assignments had taught me an insane amount of rich vocabulary words that has helped me in not only writing, but my reading. When learned these morphemes, I had been able to include them into my own writing giving me a distinct and unique diction and word choice when writing. Along with helping with my diction when writing, it had also helped me be more informed when reading all types of novels no matter the time period and the vocabulary that had been used. When practicing the morphemes, only a key part of each word is given to us with a meaning, thus requiring me to only recognize the key part helping me determine and have a general definition of what the word possibly might be. The assignment, though was only done weekly, has improved my vocabulary significantly.

Along with my expansion in my style of writing through rhetorical devices and word choices, an activity known as, Zine Posts, have taught me how to cite sources correctly as well as shaping me into a critical thinker. Often times within these Zine Posts, I must learn to cite various types of articles and sources that are given to us, the students, to respond to. In addition, from these zine posts I had been taught to incorporate photos as well into my writing correctly. Being able to cite these two things have given me the skills needed in my writing for when using various sources. Some strategies that I have practiced was properly quoting sources from articles and also crediting the photographer when using another’s photo. These two strategies demonstrates my growth in writing as being able to correctly do these two things is an important trait to have when writing.

When responding to these articles and sources during my zine posts, it often times made me question the sources that I am responding to. This indicates how it has also helped me become a critical thinker. Often times within the zine posts, I am responding to these sources through how I delight/despair them, how I question them, and even how I can expand on them. This shows the growth I’ve had through my practice of repetition when writing my Zine posts. Often times when reading articles and sources, I would simply read them and move on with my life without any care when reading them. My mind simply liked it or moved on. But now, after taking the time to respond to countless sources and articles I have developed to more thoroughly read things that I find online and have learned to not truly believe everything that I found because not all sources are reliable.

Once developing into a critical thinker, I had wanted to investigate more on a branch of our class question that I had written that asked whether words can be harmful to others and if they can be misinterpreted. When reading “the Catcher in the Rye” examples of this were clearly seen multiple times as words often lead to fights and disagreements. In the novel, the character Ackley has some tension with Stradlater from what he had said about him. Holden Caulfiled looks to end this when stating that “the reason you’re sore at Stradlater is because he said that stuff about brushing your teeth once in a while. He didn’t mean to insult you, for cryin’ out loud.” When reading this, it is clear that words are misintrepreted all the time and can easily hurt something when they are. Though being one of millions of examples of when words are misinterpreted, it is clear of the amount of power in which words have and must be very cautious when using them.

Throughout my days in my AP English Language class, I have developed so much more beyond just practice and preparation for the Advanced Placement exam, but as a writer and learner as well. While being in the class, I have learned various styles and words that can be incorporated within my writing, from these words and styles, I have also learned how easily they can be misinterpreted and that I must be very cautious when doing so, and even how I must correctly cite works when including them into my writing. The class had made me into a critical thinker that is persistent to continue writing in various styles. The class has also taught me to share my work to others. This was taught to me as I had learned to post what I had written about on my Zine posts on my twitter in order to inform others of how I am constantly expanding on how I am evolving in writing, thinking, and learning. This progress of evolving will never come to an end as my writing will never be perfect motivating me to continuously practice when I can.


Image Taken by: Yilkee Lam (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)